D2 explain justify improvements that could be made to a computer system

After long period of time of using your computer there could appear some useless documents and files which in a huge amount slows down your machine. Click the Install button. All drivers are up-to-date and no errors are found. Using these peripherals will increase his efficiency with the computer system and make it more comfortable for him to operate it as these peripherals are designed to be used by individuals who are left handed.

L3 BTEC IT Unit 6 - Software Design and Development

If this is not present, you will need to apply a small drop of thermal grease or paste to the die of the CPU The small chip in the centre of the CPU Then, place the heatsink over the CPU and secure it using the lever or clip. Procedures can be used to structure a program and make the source code easier to read.


Finally, replace the sides of your case and boot your PC up. As pseudocode is much simpler to use when designing and coding a piece of software, diagrams such as the DPD and ERM are often not created as they are not as useful or easy to use as the pseudocode alternative.

In addition, this option contains 3 sizes: Furthermore, Windows 8 is much cheaper than previous versions and still has support whereas Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7. Grades achieved for Assignment 1: The new version of the program also has better stability and increased performance.

Using procedures can improve the quality of code as the program is well structured, is easily readable, and the use of procedures can help make identifying and resolving bug problems easier as the code is easier to access.

Then the Summary screen will appear. These functions are similar to built-in function but are defined outside the main body of code; they are called in a similar way. The designers need to know what other systems the new system will be interacting with so that they understand the inputs from other systems going into the new one.

Improving the system can be important as it prevents the system from crashing and will allow it to maximise performance. Utilizing wireless capabilities will also mean fewer cables to worry about which means less clutter as well as the possibility of moving his working area to a better location, away from the confinements of the internet router.

Software structures also improve the readability of code, can make validation user inputs easier and are also considered good programming practice.

Even if you buy quite powerful computer system now, after some time it will become outdated.

Unit 2 Computer Systems (All In One)

Backing up your data and keeping that information somewhere safe-and separate-means you will always have a copy of your data, just in case something tragic happens to your originals. Design the System The designers use the scope and requirements to produce a clear design for the system which will be used by the programmers to create the system.

Oct 26 Installing Hardware Set up a standalone computer system, installing hardware and software components P5 Before installing hardware, I took the necessary precautions to satisfy the health and safety rules.

Data flow diagrams are used to display the transition of data in and out of a system; how data calls and carries out functions and procedures; and how the data is stored.

Modern Browser Installing a modern browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox over the standard Internet Explorer will mean that browsing will be faster as well as a lot more comfortable.

I then went out and took pictures with my digital camera of 2 themes and enjoyed editing them in Photoshop. The diagram depicts a method for a guess-the-number-game where the user has to guess a random number generated by the computer.

A class calls a function within one of its methods to gain an attribute etc. The benefits for upgrading the OS on its own merit is also worth considering. After following through several steps to properly install the OS, it has been successfully installed and I can now configure the settings if I wanted to.

If you pick a procedure that you understand well yourself or may even be familiar with from work or a colleague's activities then this task will be considerably easier than trying to.

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Unit 2 Computer Systems (All In One) Unit 2 Computer Systems (P1, P2, P3, P5, P6, P7, P8, M1, M3, D1, D2) NO P4 And M2 Because They were video presentations so could not upload them.

security of a system and database managers who are responsible for the way a company 2B.D2 Justify final design decisions, explaining how the relational database will fulfil the stated design and justify any changes made, making recommendations for further improvements to.

anatomical features in each body system Project description () Outline the anatomical features in each body system with identifying main functions; () a) Define Homeostasis, negative and positive feedback, provide an example for each. M1 Evaluate the system performance.

D1 Explain and justify improvements that can be made to a computer system. By George Warner Evaluating idle performance. Dec 14,  · Explain and Justify improvements that could be made to a computer system?

Baically, I worked in a small company, and my company belives that some notes about how and why particular improvements to the computer systems are made will benefit some sgtraslochi.com: Resolved.

D2 explain justify improvements that could be made to a computer system
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